About Us

TM SQUARE has grown to become one of the pioneer organizations for Information Technology (IT) needs of the nation. Over the past few years, TM SQUARE has delivered a full range of training in Technologies, Soft skills, Leadership, Animation, Communications, etc. through innovative learning methods that have transformed businesses and helped over aspiring participants reach their goals.
At TM SQUARE, we have also served many of our esteemed clients with their needs for application development, web designing, Logo design, and other related services for the startup organization. We also have a dedicated to serve with online support on various tools and applications for their needs.

Vision & Mission

A Globally Most Demanded Technical Training Organization Being Focused on Excellence.

Redefining Quality Day After Day – We consistently provide quality needs-based learning programmes that are geared towards helping participants achieve their professional and career goals

Why TM Square


All trainers are certified by partner technology company be it Microsoft, Citrix, IBM, HP or Oracle. All courses are developed with input from companies and by considering the upcoming global IT needs.
Providing end to end assistance to aspirants to achieve their dream job. Our keen observation is given on bridging the gap between needs and success. Therefore, we focus on industry related projects thus developing a direct employable workforce.
Our courses are tailored to the client’s needs. Our course structure is flexible and designed to match clients needs in terms of helping them work better. TMS produces its own materials and on an as-needed basis can source reputable materials on the open market
We are able to provide on-site training ( e.g. client’s premises) at no extra cost across the globe.

IT Solutions

TM SQUARE is an experienced destination for your application development for your end users, you may not yet have settled on the details. This is the point where collaboration between your organization and the team at TM SQUARE begins.
We take pride in being a vibrant software development company that our customers can rely on for industry-specific expertise and knowledge of the competitive landscape.
When you choose TM SQUARE, you get a quicker time to market or a faster in-house deployment of your new application, confident that the software has been thoroughly tested during each phase of development.
For example, our team will make suggestions about the most appropriate user interface, the best design for your database (should one be needed) and what is the most suitable architecture for the project. Each of these aspects gives us an opportunity to address your competitors’ software deficiencies so we can build a much more viable product for your end users.